Cardano 101

Markus / Aug 10, 2020



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Markus / Dec 21, 2019

does anyone want to jump the queue?

In epoch 7 the CLIO1 pool was a leader to produce a block for slot 3161. Our monitoring normally shows a constantly rising red line for each block created by the t

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Markus / Dec 18, 2019

Stake Pool Costs And Rewards

The Cardano Shelley incentivized testnet was launched on 13 December 2019. As a pool operator, we naturally observe closely how the various components and particip

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Markus / Nov 07, 2019

Ouroboros at work

There are several approaches to replacing the incredibly energy-intensive proof-of-work mechanism with something more intelligent and resource-friendly. Pr

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Robert / Jan 09, 2019

What Is A Paper Wallet?

If you are new to cryptocurrencies the vast array of new vocabulary which you need to learn can seem overwhelming. To combat that, today we are going to be coverin

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