Cardano’s 2020 development activity

Every now and then you hear: Cardano is going for number 1
This is why you see many who like to share the following tweet about top development activity:

And as you can read from various news articles this is an impressive series.

But what exactly does that mean, and how does this huge lead come about?

Cryptodiffer counts the activity and progress of various projects in the blockchain and cryptography area. For one of the comparisons, they look at the code base of the top blockchains to see which activities are there. I.e. whether there is really active work on progress and innovations.

Strictly speaking, CryptoDiffer only evaluates data that actually comes from, which provides tools to analyze the crypto market.

Before we go into detail, let’s use a simple comparison to show that two directly related projects with very similar code bases can have strong differences in their development substance.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin-Cash on github

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin-cash github activity

As you can see, the activities differ quite considerably, which points to much more innovation and substance for the original Bitcoin.

Is this real code or just trickery?

Theoretically, someone can start a blockchain project and use scripts to publish more or less useful and working parts of code automatically and in high frequency on Github. This way he could quickly overtake even very large blockchain projects in such an activity statistic.

That’s why it’s important to understand what activities there are on Github, and what you need to include in such evaluations to get something meaningful. Such as the number of

  • new code commits
  • issues and pull requests
  • add/edit/delete comments
  • wiki edits
  • repositories

If you want to read more about, I recommend a medium article from Valentin Mihov CTO at Santiment.

And Cardano beats them all?

By capturing all these activities in detail, you can compare the code base and substance of different projects very well. We did this with weekly values for 4 projects. Bitcoin as an industry leader, and two top Cardano competitors: Ethereum and Polkadot (pos 2 and 3 in Cryptodiffer’s tweet)

Comparison: Bitcoin vs Cardano vs Ethereum vs Polkadot

We see that so far Cardano has had an exceptional year 2020 with a top performance and leading development.

If you want to compare other blockchain projects, Santiment has a long list of projects from which you can check the activity index.

We also looked around for other statistics and evaluations. Cryptomiso seems to be completely out of date and forgets practically all important Cardano repositories. At Coincodecap you can see that it is a very simple formula and data basis.

By the way…

If you want to get an overview of the many development activities in the Cardano ecosystem then there is a perfect place for it