30Mar 2021

Cardano’s secure switch to decentralization

This translation has been made by [name of translator] from the original document published by Prof Alexander Russell at The event will be ushered in with a ‘public assertion of randomness’, featuring entropy infused by the community The security of proof-of-stake blockchains is provided by a mutually dependent relationship between its native token and …

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08Dec 2020

the k effect (from 150 to 500)

The Cardano main network was set at 150 with the parameter k in August 2020. This is the desired number of pools. It is not a hard cap, but reward and ranking formulas use this parameter to achieve a so-called Nash equilibrium around this value. On 5 November 2020 and after some discussions with the …

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09Nov 2020

Cardano’s 2020 development activity

Every now and then you hear: Cardano is going for number 1 This is why you see many who like to share the following tweet about top development activity: TOP Blockchains by average daily development activity on the Github in October – November 2020 TOP 3: @Cardano @Ethereum @Polkadot Data from: @SantimentFeed$ADA $ETH $DOT $KSM …

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26Mar 2020

testing layer4 techniques

Over the past 100 days, Jormungandr has used a P2P technique called poldercast to enable communication between nodes. If you want to know more about the overlays, rings, vicinity and cyclons, here is an excellent summary written by Pal Dorogi: The Hitchhikers Guide To The Shelley – The Network But somehow something was missing, with …

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07Nov 2019

Ouroboros at work

There are several approaches to replacing the incredibly energy-intensive proof-of-work mechanism with something more intelligent and resource-friendly. Proof-of-Stake is one such approach, and Cardano’s Ouroboros is seen as a very promising, elegant and scientifically researched protocol. The mechanisms of the peer-reviewed papers are currently being implemented in test networks. For example project Jormungandr, Cardano’s RUST …

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28Feb 2019

Ouroboros 101 – Understanding The Protocol

Ouroboros is the fundamental protocol of Cardano which enables the decentralized public blockchain and thus cryptocurrency to function. By deliberately bringing together a combination of peer review, formal verification, and functional programming languages, a specification-defined cryptocurrency, one that’s provably secure in fact, was born. This contrasts greatly with the likes of Bitcoin for example, as …

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