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Welcome To The Clio.1 Education Hub

The Education Hub brings quality lessons, tutorials, and posts to the Cardano Community in hopes of working to build the ecosystem from the bottom-up. Whether you are looking for a lesson to build your first Smart Contract in Plutus, or you're trying to make sense of a core topic such as a testnet, you'll find content that suits your level and keeps you motivated.

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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Learn about Smart Contracts, how they work, the languages behind them, and how to write your very own.



Our lessons take you through a topic in detail. Going step-by-step and explaining the minutia, you'll come away with more knowledge.

Understanding Cardano

Understanding Cardano

Figure out how all of the numerous pieces that make up the Cardano Ecosystem work.

Finding Something New

Finding Something New

With new weekly educational content being released, you'll always be able to find something new to learn.


How Cardano Works

Hidden Blockchain Data Insights

Writing Smart Contracts

Cardano Terminology

What The Community Is Saying About Us

This is just the kind of content I need. I’m glad you’re mixing fundamentals of how blockchain works as well as the language. That’s quite hard to find, step by step, line by line with repetition of the why.


This is so great! Well done for taking the initiative and creating this valuable resource for Cardano.

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