Cardano on the Rocks – an Energy efficient Staking Pool


Cardano on the Rocks – an Energy efficient Staking Pool

Whether you’re a big environmental advocate looking to help secure the network, someone who wants to try setting up a small staking business of their own, or are curious to see how it compares to mining: Building your very own low powered stake pool node is an exciting goal to pursue!

The RockPi is a single board Computer able to act as a Proof of Stake blockchain node.

Luckily it’s something that any reasonable technically competent individual can accomplish with enough tinkering around. However, rather than wasting time figuring out what kind of hardware you need, what’s the best choice of operating system and software, and how to put it all together, wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply have a step-by-step guide take you through the entire process?

Well, it just so happens that you’ve found yourself at the right place. In this guide we’ll cover the whole process start to finish. From the variety of hardware options you have the opportunity to choose from (and the trade-offs associated with your decision), all the way to how you will need to go about installing and configuring your stake pool, you will learn exactly what you need to do to get your first low powered stake pool running.

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