Cardano on the Rocks – an Energy efficient Staking Pool


Bootstrap Your Node

With the two binaries in your jormungandr-node subfolder ready to go, the next thing you need is a config file. Create it with:

cat > ~/jormungandr-node/node-config.yaml <<- EOF
storage: "/home/[EDIT: your username on this device]/jormungandr-node/storage"
listen: ""
- "/ip4/[EDIT: the testnet genesis peer IP]/tcp/3000"
public_address: "/ip4/[EDIT: your own public IP address]/tcp/3000"
messages: low
blocks: normal

The next thing is to edit the file and set the values specific to your own node.

nano node-config.yaml

Save your edits and close the nano editor.

At this point you are ready to start the jormungandr node as a passive listening node. It will not be acting as a stake pool yet but just following the chain for now. Note that the public testnet’s genesis-block-hash has to be released first before you can insert it into the following command

jormungandr --config node-config.yaml --genesis-block-hash 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'


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