Cardano on the Rocks – an Energy efficient Staking Pool


Initial Setup Peparations

If you flashed the custom built Cardano-on-the-Rocks Armbian image in the former lesson, on first boot it will execute a series of commands automatically.

The device has been configured to make it very simple to understand what is going on. It will give off a coloured signal on the RGB-LED first and then download the most recent initial-setup script from our public github repository.

This initial-setup process has multiple steps and – depending on your internet speed – will take approximately 1-5 minutes.

Understanding The Initial Setup Colour Signals and steps

If the RockPi boots up without a working internet connection then the LED will blink red.

As soon as a working internet connection is detected the LED will turn light blue. What this means is that your device will start cloning a repository from the github account. This is used for creating visualizations on the small OLED display. When completed successfully the LED should turn off and an animated Cardano Logo will appear on the display.

When the LED finally turns green, you have reached the last step of the initial setup. A firewall is activated and will restrict access to this device as a first basic hardening step.

At the end of this initial setup process, the device will reboot, turn on the green LED and show device data such as CPU- and RAM-usage and the IP-Address assigned by DHCP. Without even connecting a HDMI-screen you can use this IP Address to log in from a remote computer.

This is how it should look like when your RockPi is booted up inside the Cardano-on-the-Rocks 3d-printed case after the initial setup process.