Cardano on the Rocks – an Energy efficient Staking Pool


Where and what to buy?

The RockPi is an SBC (single board computer). This means that almost everything is already included. To operate it you only need a memory card (we recommend eMMC), the heat sink and a power supply.

Allnet is the global distributor and sells the devices in his China-based online shop, as well as in his Germany– and Italy-based B2B-Portals. We also know about these European based Online-Resellers:

INNET24    |    Maker Store    |    Conrad    |    DISTRELEC

The Cardano-on-the-Rocks KITs

We are very happy that Allnet-China supported our project idea and helped to create a special Cardano-on-the-Rocks KIT . One will get all the main and accessory parts for this DIY guide and his own staking node.

The Kit is available in three different versions:


32GB eMMC storage


64GB eMMC storage, and the M.2 Adapter is already included, ready to mount an optional NVMe storage module


A 16GB eMMC module for the operating system, paired with the M.2 Adapter and a super-fast 256GB NVMe Module for the Cardano Blockchain Database.

The 3D-printed case

Instead of printing the case yourself or ordering it from a 3D printing service, you can order the 3d-printed Cardano case it all together from Allnet China.