Writing Your First Plutus Smart Contract


Writing Your First Plutus Smart Contract

Smart Contracts are a brand new and foreign realm in the land of programming. If you’re new to Blockchains in general, getting into writing smart contracts can seem quite daunting on top of it all. However in this lesson we will be going through writing your very first smart contract in Plutus, piece by piece.

You need some background in programming to understand what is going on, but due to the fact that you’ll have detailed explanations aiding you along the way, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming even if you haven’t done any functional programming prior. This of course doesn’t mean you won’t need to eventually learn the basics of functional programming, but this lesson will give you your first taste.

Starting from an empty file we’ll make our way through writing your first fully functioning smart contract. In a matter of an hour or two, you’ll already be able to knock this off your bucket list.