Writing Your First Plutus Smart Contract


1) Getting Comfortable With The Plutus Playground

To start off, it is important to become accustomed to the development environment we will be working in. As of writing at the start of 2019, the only supported development environment is the Plutus Playground: https://prod.playground.plutus.iohkdev.io/

Simply hop on over, and you will be greeted with 4 example smart contracts, with one pre-loaded. Writing and working with smart contracts in the Plutus Playground works as follow:

  1. Input code in the editor.
  2. Compile and verify that there are no errors.
  3. Create an Action Sequence using the available functions for each wallet.
  4. Evaluate your Action Sequence using the code you compiled.
  5. Observe the results via the Transactions Graph, Logs, and Final Balances Graph.

I recommend taking at least 5-10 minutes with the predefined examples to get use to the whole process before we continue.