What The Community Is Saying About Us


What The Community Is Saying About Us

"This is just the kind of content I need."

This is just the kind of content I need. I'm glad you're mixing fundamentals of how blockchain works as well as the language. That's quite hard to find, step by step, line by line with repetition of the why.

Aceofpack Reddit

"This is so great!"

This is so great! Well done for taking the initiative and creating this valuable resource for Cardano.

CardanoUmbrella Cardano Forum

"All I can say is More! More! More!"

All I can say is More! More! More! Outstanding lesson that will go a long way towards educating the masses on developing on the platform. Very well done!

JohnnyJJr Reddit

"Thank you for the website..."

Thank you for the website and the first course. I enjoyed reading it and followed through with the examples in the playground.

Gabor_Peto Cardano Forum

"Top Notch..."

Its seems to me that the training materials, code syntax, and documentation are top notch for Plutus. I took a brief look at Plutus Playground and Clio 1 Walkthrough.. and honestly i followed along perfectly for the first example. The code seemed clear and actually reasonably simple to do things. I have a coding background, but i still didnt expect to be able to follow along just by skimming through on my first visit. If i can understand it on a skim read, then imagine what the more experienced smart contract & dapp developers will be able to create!

GenZod7 Reddit

"Really great..."

Really great to have such clear step by step examples and explanations. Thanks for that!

Psychomb Cardano Forum

"High Standards..."

Up to the high standards of the Cardano project! Congrats!

Cryptoactif Reddit

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